Tonawanda Self Store

Who we are:

We are a locally owned business and have been serving WNY for over 20 years. We take great pride in our facility and are constantly striving to improve the property while controlling our costs so that we can offer affordable storage.

Self Storage Sizes and Price Options:

Unit Size Unit Price
5’X5′ $30/mo
5’X10′ $55/mo
5’X10′ covered walkway $60/mo
5’X15′ $70/mo
10’X10′ $90/mo
10’X10′ covered walkway $95/mo
10’X15′ $130/mo
10’X20′ $150/mo
10’X25′ $170/mo
10’X30′ $180/mo
10’X25′ $80/mo